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Probation Office

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Gunzburger Building
One North Main Street, Suite 229, Coudersport PA 16915
(Entrance on First Street side of building - Door "J")

Adult Probation:

Brian R. Abel, Chief Probation Officer

Eric J. Hensel, Adult Probation Officer

Payden Bice, Adult Probation Officer

Jacqueline McCaslin, Adult Probation Officer

Nathan Powley, Specialty Court Coordinator/Probation npowley@pottercountypa.net

Probation is a sentencing alternative to incarceration. It permits the offender to remain in the community with the supervision of a Probation Officer and subject to rules of conduct set by the judge. Violation, either by the commission of a new crime, or by failure to adhere to the conditions of probation, can result in a revocation of probation and incarceration.

During the probationary period, the probation officer maintains contact with the offender to ensure compliance and provides rehabilitative assistance, such as finding housing, employment, counseling and social services. The probation officer is responsible for achieving both major goals of corrections -- protection of the public and rehabilitation of the offender.

Specialty Court:

Nathan Powley, Specialty Court Coordinator/Probation Officer

The mission of the 55th Judicial District Treatment Courts (DUI and Drug) is to reduce recidivism by facilitating treatment and increased supervision of moderate to severe alcohol/substance users, as opposed to incarcerating them. The goal is to return recovering and sober individuals to the community with an improved quality of life who are better equipped to maintain their recovery, thereby having a positive impact on and improving the community as a whole.

Trail BlazersJuvenile Probation:

Raymond Morales, Juvenile Probation Officer


Potter County Trailblazers program was established by former Potter County Chief Probation Officer Gary A. Buchanan under the direction of the late Judge Perry S. Patterson. In its initial phase, Trailblazers was designed to maintain a portion of the Susquehannock Trail System. Trailblazers was developed under the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act, wherein a court is authorized to direct the participation of a juvenile in a program of service or education where the delinquent is paid at least minimum wage and must pay up to 75% of earnings toward restitution. Trailblazers was formulated in conjunction with the Potter County Office of Children and Youth Services. Juveniles determined to be delinquent and dependent, and considered to be in an at risk situation, are afforded the opportunity or are directed to participate.

Trail BlazersIt was the initial intent of the Trailblazers program to:

Provide youthful offenders an opportunity to fulfill at least a portion of the financial and/or community service obligation.

  • Assist the Bureau of Forestry and Susquehannock Trail Club with a limited labor force.
  • >Afford youths opportunity to develop a positive work ethic while reducing idle hours.
  • >Allow the youth an opportunity to foster a relationship with a youthful positive role model.
Trail BlazerThese original goals have since merged with the Balanced and Restorative Justice principles adopted by the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judge Commission, which provide for:
  • Protection of community
  • Imposition of accountability for offenses committed
  • Development of competencies to encourage the youth to become a responsible, productive member of the community
In addition to court-ordered youths, referrals are received from the Probation Department, Office of Children, Youth and Families, school districts, law enforcement agencies and other agencies.

Since its inception the scope of services performed by the Trailblazers has expanded to park maintenance, care and construction, and maintenance of nature and education trails developed by school districts. The crews have undertaken responsibility for the beautification of the "welcome" signs along highways and participation in construction of wildlife and fisheries habitat.

Other Probation Department Staff:

Vacant, Assistant Probation Administrator

Nicole Hunt, Secretary/Clerk

Community Service:

Gabrielle Milford, Community Service Coordinator


Community Service is an alternative sentencing aid available to the court with two objectives. First, it holds the offender accountable for his or her actions by requiring unpaid labor, symbolically paying back the community. It also provides free assistance to government and public non-profit community-based organizations. Through Community Service, offenders may gain work experience and are able to accomplish worthwhile tasks, while agencies and organizations also benefit.

Placements have included: Austin Baseball Fields, Potter County Anglers Club, Community Blood Bank, Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department, Arboretum, Coudersport Sewage Plant, Austin United Methodist Church, Lions Club Recycling Center, Potter County Visitors Assn., Maple Festival, Redwood Village, Galeton First Baptist Church, Galeton Library, Galeton Senior Center, Genesee Library, Genesee Township, Genesee Park, Genesee Volunteer Fire Department, Potter County Human Services, Roulette Volunteer Fire Department, Black Forest Conservation Association, Roulette Township, LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve, Shinglehouse Rod and Gun Club, Shinglehouse Baseball, Shinglehouse Senior Center, Penn-York Camp, Ulysses Borough, Ulysses Senior Center, DCNR, American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity and others.

More information on applying for community service workers is available from the Community Service Coordinator (contact information above).

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